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Digital Marketing Course For Students

A comprehensive course in digital marketing covering a variety of specializations, establishing strong foundations for aspiring students to launch a career in digital marketing.

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What you'll learn?

Course Features

Industry Trends

Digital Marketing 2021

"top 10 in-demand jobs of 2021 include digital marketers with SEO, social media, and content marketing skills."

- Linkedin


How it benefits you?

Diversified career opportunities

Every sector of the industry from startups to MNCs leverage the perks of digital marketing, giving rise to job openings for digital marketers in every field.

High-end salary packages

Companies are ready to offer high packages for eserving candidates, to bridge the gap between demand and supply of employees.

Work Flexibility and feasibility

Working on the digital marketer involves brainstorming and assigned duties, which can be done from any part of the world with laptop and internet.

Job Opportunities

What are the job options

No matter how good a website is, it doesn't fully serve its purpose unless it is all over the internet for potential customers and clients to see. So, companies hire SEO executives who work extensively on promoting the website on the internet.

Their job revolves around getting traffic for the website and improving Google rankings. It is their responsibility to make sure that the content on the website is search friendly, to conduct research on keywords and SEO tools, to build sitemaps and submit them, etc.

A PPC analyst is responsible for creating the paid ads that we often come across on web pages or search engines. Since these ads generate a lot of leads for a company, the demand for PPC analysts is always high.

As a PPC analyst, some of your responsibilities will include managing PPC keywords, splitting ad groups, refining landing pages, generating reports, providing suggestions for ad copies and graphics, etc.

Strong analytical skills, creativity, good knowledge of data manipulation, and an understanding of how PPC plays a role in digital marketing in the big picture are a must for this job.

If you think you are a person with a flair for technical skills like coding, then this job could be for you. Web designers or developers (used interchangeably), your job will be to design, code, and modify websites. Good knowledge in JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, and web programming is the prerequisite required for this role.

If you are someone with a creative mind and a flair for writing, then content writing is just the job for you. Responsibilities of a content marketer include creating content that has all the qualities of going viral, making sure that the content is promoted well through SEO, coordinating with other teams and incorporating their inputs in content, following content trends, etc. Being eloquent in the English language is the most important requirement for this job. 

Researching a topic online or conducting an interview, figuring out how to convey an idea to a specific audience, writing and editing copy to engage and educate customers, and finding images to accompany content - this is what a typical day of a copywriter looks like.

Copywriter uses their persuasive writing skills on websites, blog posts, product descriptions, email blasts, banner advertising, newsletters, white papers, PSAs, social media platforms, and other marketing communication vehicles.

The job may also entail brainstorming concepts and developing storyboards; working with marketing and other creative departments to develop communication strategies; and ensuring consistent brand messaging, including voice and tone, across print, TV, radio, direct mail, and other communication channels.

The primary skills of a copywriter include persuasive writing, creativity, and an understanding of what the audience needs.

Industry Payscale

How much Salary?

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What are covered?

  • Marketing Foundations
  • Marketing Research
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Writing a Marketing Plan
  • Inbound Marketing (Funnel, Flywheel)
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Different Digital Marketing Channels
  • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Terminologies
  • Generating Leads using Digital marketing
  • Online assets for a business
  • How to choose a Business/Domain Name?
  • Domain Registration, Hosting & SSL
  • Importance of Social Presence for a Brand & Social Profile Creation
  • Business Logo Designing
  • Banner & Creatives Designing (Basic)
  • Website Wireframe Planning
  • Content Writing for Digital Marketing
  • What is a CMS?
  • Why to choose WordPress for Website Development?
  • How to install WordPress?
  • What are WordPress Themes? How to choose a Theme?
  • Overview of WordPress Settings, Menu & Widgets
  • What are Plugins? Essential Plugins for WordPress
  • What is a Page Builder?
  • How to build pages using Elementor Page Builder?
  • How to publish blog posts in WordPress?
  • How to build Ecommerce Website using WordPress?
  • What is a Search Engine? How it Works?
  • What are Keywords? How to perform a Keyword Research for SEO?
  • Comparison: SEO vs SEM
  • Types of SEO
  • Onpage SEO
  • Content Writing for SEO
  • Offpage SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Google Search Console
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Site Audit
  • Google My Business
  • App Store Optimisation
  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • Setting up Google Ads Campaign
  • Campaign and ad group structure
  • Keyword Research - Selecting keywords & Negative Keywords
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Ad copy rules and best practices (Creating Effective Ads)
  • Remarketing
  • Campaign Performance Evaluation
  • Reporting & Optimization
  • Bing Ads
  • Introduction to Digital Analytics
  • Google Analytics Interface
  • Setting Up Data Collection and Configuration
  • Create Goals in Google Analytics
  • Generate multiple website analytics reports
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Social Media Optimisation vs Marketing
  • Social Media Content Calendar Creation
  • Facebook and Instagram Features & Optimisation
  • Facebook Ads Manager- Creation of Ads
  • Creation of various ad copies
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads: Budgeting & Reporting
  • Twitter for Business
  • How to run Twitter ads?
  • Twitter Ads: Budgeting & Reporting
  • Linkedin: Creation of Company Page & Optimization
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Audience Targeting
  • Linkedin Ads: Reporting & Budgeting
  • Fundamental concepts of email marketing
  • Building email lists
  • Design & Write Compelling Emails
  • Automating Emails
  • Sales Funnel
  • Reporting & Optimization
  • WhatsApp Marketing for Business
  • WhatsApp Marketing Strategies and Tips
  • Quora Marketing
  • Make Money with Affiliate Marketing
  • Website/App Monetization:
  • Google Adsense
  • Influencer
  • Blogging
  • YouTube Monetization
  • Online Course Creation
  • Ebook Publishing
  • What is Online Reputation Managament?
  • Brand Activeness & Social Listening
  • Reviews & It's Impact
  • Using Quora for Brand Reputation
  • Personal Branding
  • Podcasting
  • Business Analysis for Digital Marketing Needs
  • Setting-Up and Defining Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Proposal & Client Partnership Agreement Creation
  • Defining KPI's
  • How to deliver successful online marketing campaigns?
  • Measure ROI from different Marketing Campaigns
  • Weekly & Monthly Report Preparation
  • Job Seekers: Career Ready Program (Mock Interviews, Soft Skills, Resume & Interview Preparation)
  • Freelancers: How to Get Your First Project in Digital Marketing?
  • Homemakers: Digital Entrepreneurship from Home
  • Entrepreneurs: How to enhance your business in Digital world?

Hands on Experience in

30+ Tools

Get Globally Recognised

25+ Certifications

Work on

Live Projects

Project 1: Keyword Analysis

This project revolves around using keyword research and effectiveness index. With a detailed data analysis from that, build the information hierarchy of your web page.

Project 3: Website Audit

Using Simple Audit Template, do a SWOT analysis on your website, and create prioritized actionable items.

Project 2: SEO structure planning

Understand your audience and find the right keywords to reach them. Build the SEO structure for your website based on the site architecture and overall information hierarchy.

Project 4: Inline link building

Identify new inbound link targets for your site and document the process required for determining those targets.

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Training Options

Offline Training

Classroom Sessions
  • Traditional and interactive classroom training with faculty
  • Higher individual attention and focus on students
  • Real time project experience enhanced with insights of peers and trainers
  • Learning with peers encourages a healthy competition

Online Training

Live Sessions
  • Live interactive online class sessions
  • An experience similar to real time classroom training
  • Lear from anywhere through online meet, no commutation difficulties
  • Frequent sessions for doubt clearing and interaction with faculty

Online Training

Recorded LMS
  • Pre-recorded lectures uploaded on an online portal
  • Self-paced and independent learning facilitated
  • Resources that can be accessed and utilised at your own convenience
  • Easier mode to keep track of progress and evaluation on your own with LMS


Why Choose Us?

We assure you that Digital Ting is just the right place for you to begin
a venture in digital marketing, and here are some reasons why.

Enhanced portfolio

On taking our course, you will be able to build your resume with projects, internships and over 25 globally accredited certifications.

Assured placements

You will be equipped with the skills and will further be trained for placements and interviews with more than 250 top-tier digital marketing companies.


With Tingership, we provide support and guidance for students even after course completion, be it regarding the subjects or career options.

Smaller batches

Our batches are restricted to a smaller number. This enables us to focus on and keep track of every student’s individual progress.

Expert Trainers

We pride ourselves on having an excellent faculty who will support and guide you throughout the timeline of the course.


With the constructive feedback of the faculty and a structured evaluation system that we follow, you will get the best out of this course.


Admission Process

Step 1

Register with your details for the course

Step 2

Tele counseling sessions with the counselor.

Step 3

Attend our informative 1 hour free demo class

Step 4

Enroll for the course and start learning!


What our Students Say?

Most Commonly Asked


Yes, absolutely. If you are planning to start your career as a digital marketer in 2021, be assured that there is no better time for that than now. The reason for this is that digital marketing is an emerging field. Numerous companies across the globe are opting for digital marketing as it is cost effective, and has widespread reach. Hence, the demand for digital marketers is higher than ever and companies are offering high-paying jobs for any worthy candidates. Moreover, the potential of this industry is only expected to grow in the future which guarantees job security even years down the lane. Digital marketing is truly the future of the economy, so don’t wait to leverage the numerous perks of this industry. 

Yes, any one with the interest in the field and the enthusiasm to learn can register for a digital marketing course. There are no prerequisites to take this course, so it is not mandatory to complete Senior Secondary education to learn digital marketing. Basic understanding, reading and writing of the English language will be the sole requirement. On the contrary, getting on board with a course at such an early stage will give you an early bird advantage to this booming field. 

You can start off by taking a comprehensive course in digital marketing, either through live classes or online tuition. Create your own website and start implementing all the techniques you have learnt, and publicize your new website on the internet. Go on to do as many such projects as you can to have more working experience and achieve expertise. Internships are also crucial to begin a career by preparing for a professional work environment. At Digital Ting, we offer theory classes, live projects, placement preparation and internships all at one place! Digital Marketing is a very simple and inexpensive skill to learn, as well as an industry with a magnanimous potential scope. Once you get the hang of it, it is very easy to hone your skills to the professional level. 

Yes, work from home is a viable option for digital marketers. Since digital marketing is a field that pertains to internet-based marketing techniques and online platforms, digital marketers can work from any part of the world with flexible work hours. The pandemic has in no way affected the industry in terms of work ethic because working from home is a very convenient option for digital marketers. In fact, it has only made the scope of digital marketing all the more substantial.

Yes it is definitely worth completing a digital marketing course with certification. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of online users has skyrocketed, and the demand for digital marketers is higher than ever. A digital marketing certification on your resume is sure to give you an upper hand in a job seeking situation and increases the stakes of getting a job to an exponential degree. Although it is totally possible to self-learn this skill to a certain level from internet resources, it may not be as effective as a professional training by industry experts. Moreover, such courses provide opportunities for live projects and internships which you shouldn’t miss out on!

The duration of a digital marketing course varies from one institute to another. Typically, the training period ranges from 45 days to 3 months. The digital marketing course at Digital Ting is a 3 month course, on both online and offline modes. Additional projects, placements and internships may take time accordingly.