Career & Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing

The webinar is about Digital Marketing and the most in-demand jobs available right now. Employability Skills – Top skills required for the job opportunities and about finding the right career.

Webinar Agenda:

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Choose a Career in Digital Marketing
  • Job Designations
  • How much you can Earn/ Salary Package
  • Skill Requirements

July 21, 2021


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Google Meet



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Digital Marketing: The box of opportunity

Digital Marketing is soaring in popularity among online and traditional brick and mortal businesses alike. The investment in digital marketing is relatively low, and the returns are significantly higher when compared to traditional marketing channels such as billboards, newspapers, and radio advertisements.

Looking to build a career in digital marketing?


If yes, you should most certainly go ahead and find the right opportunity for you in this growing sector.


The surge in spending on Digital Marketing, has created a plethora of career opportunities encompassing several roles. Right from the person who prepares the content for an advertisement, to the person who analyses the efficiency of the advertisements, there are multiple roles in digital marketing, that require different skillsets. Here is a peek into this world!

Leading from the front

Digital marketing roles include those in the front end, who onboard and communicate with clients, and are responsible for building and executing campaigns. SEO Manager, Social Media Manager, and PPC specialist are some of the front-end career options in Digital Marketing. 


The one thing common about all the front-end roles is that they involve interacting with multiple stakeholders, including current and potential clients, and those who are involved in the back-end work such as the content creators and analysts. In short if you are a people’s person with excellent organisational skills and attention to detail, a front-end role is the right fit for you.


While a fair degree of IT skills is required to execute these projects, people from a variety of backgrounds such as human resources and marketing, hone their skills and begin to execute projects in no-time. It is also possible to adapt and quickly learn on the job.

The Backstage Heroes

Are you a person who enjoys either writing or designing visually appealing content? 


If you feel that you aren’t suited for the front-end roles, fret not, for there are immense opportunities in content writing, design, and analysis. Copywriters and bloggers prepare the content, which is in-turn visualised using pictures, videos, or infographics by designers. The advertisements created are launched and measured for impact by the analysts.


A person with an enthusiastic and a creative bent of mind will enjoy the writing and design roles, whereas a person who is good with strategy and numbers will be able to assess and make inferences from the data obtained from these advertisements.

Social Media Influencers

Do you enjoy reaching out to people, promoting products, and answering queries to people on social media?


Social media influencers are an integral cog in the wheel of digital marketing. They drive marketing by promoting and providing feedback on products on services. While it takes time and considerable efforts to build and maintain a following of at least ten thousand followers, the rewards are immense.

Finding your calling from within

Ask yourself whether you enjoy working and liaising between multiple clients and stakeholders, or if you prefer to work on your own. Spend a little time pondering over if you want to spend time and effort in building a following or would rather begin on monetising right away. There is no one size fits all approach to a career in digital marketing, and the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do.


Whether you are a freelancer, or a person looking for a side gig, there is always some role you can play in digital marketing, provided you put in the necessary time and effort into crafting your niche.


Find your calling and grow in the infinite space of Digital Marketing!